My name is Brent Wisdom and I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years now and teaching for about 19 of those years. When I first started playing guitar I fell in love with it immediately. I would play from 6 to 10 hours everyday that I could. I want to share my passion for guitar with you or your kids!

Useful links

Here you will find handy materials that will speed up your guitar studies!

  • Best guitar for beginners: Purchase recommendations and facts for novice guitar players, guitar and accessories buying guide, acoustic vs. electric features, ear training tips, and more!
  • USB studio monitors: A must-have read for those who are passionate about great sound, this roundup enlists top monitor models for all budgets. Get informed, and achieve utmost accuracy and balanced frequencies!
  • Best Microphones for guitar: Facilitate your mike choice and go through this guide featuring the best microphones for acoustic guitar in 2017. Find predominant diaphragm condenser microphones, tube condensers, ribbons for various tastes.

Currently I’ve written an instructional lead guitar book, you can learn more about it on my products page. In the works is a beginners guitar book as well as other guitar instruction material.

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